Get Tomo Coins by Nice Posting !


Notice from management:

Tomocoins will be awarded as a bonus for posting fun, interesting, and good information. The management will judge the post and give up to 500tc of tomocoin with no expiration date. Everyone, please keep posting.

【New Year New Year's gift campaign】Announcement of winners


[New Year New Year’s gift campaign]

As a result of a fair lottery, the following people were elected. Therefore, we will send you an Amazon gift certificate by email at a later date. Congratulations.

1st prize チョコ

2nd prize yuki

3rd prize mr.thomas718, PrinceMarc, フミリン 1

Win a 200US$ amazon gift card! New Year campaign!


Dear Followers+ users, happy New Year.

We look forward to working with you this year.

[New function update] Improved footprint function, like profile, image display on timeline, etc. (videos up to 15 seconds can be posted)

This year, we are planning an update that will make it even more convenient for distribution users, such as a video chat function.
Please make a lot of Rui Tomo ♫

We aim to create an app that reflects everyone’s voice, makes it together, and grows together. We appreciate your cooperation in expanding the number of users.

If you have not yet updated ↓

[New Year New Year’s gift campaign]*The deadline has been changed to March 31st.

[1st prize 200 US$] 1 person [2nd prize 50 US$] 1 person [3rd prize 10 US$] 3 people, a total of 5 people will receive an Amazon gift card!

If you do the following activities in the app between January 1st and March 31st, the probability of winning will increase according to the frequency of use.

① Post to your timeline (the more you post, the higher your odds of winning)

② Like the profiles of users you care about (the more likes you give, the more likely you are to win)

③Apply and approve Rui Tomo. (The probability of winning increases as the number of loose friends increases)

④ Followers + new users register with their own invitation code (the more registrations, the higher the winning probability)

The following people will not be eligible for the lottery.
(1) The self-introduction is not written, only greetings, and unspecified characters are listed.
(2) The SNS address has not been entered, the link destination is not functioning, the link destination of another person is entered, or the link destination is against public order and morals.

*Winners will be announced from the announcement in the app menu in early April.
* After the deadline, we will decide the winners after a strict lottery. We cannot answer inquiries about whether or not you have been selected.
*Items will be shipped to the email address registered in Followers+.

In order for Followers+ to aim for sound management, if the number of friends is 0 or there is no activity for more than half a year, the account will be deleted at the discretion of the management side without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Happy New Year


Happy new year. Nine months have passed since the Followers+ app was updated. A video chat feature is planned for this year. We will aim to create an SNS that reflects everyone’s voice. I look forward to having a good relationship with you this year too.

New feature update


New functions have been added. We have enhanced the tools for becoming “Rui-Tomo”, such as footsteps, likes on profiles, and videos (15 seconds) on timelines, so please make use of them. Let’s add Like to profiles that match your values ​​and get others to notice♬You can also leave footprints by looking at profiles👣 Write your hobbies and experiences in your profile.

About Account Deletion


We will delete accounts of users who clearly do not use it, such as not inputting SNS addresses, incorrect input, icon image not set, etc.

The target account is currently locked. For locked accounts, please apply for unlocking from We will unlock accounts that have intentions of improvement. We will delete them one by one.
Thank you for your understanding.
We do not handle reactivation of accounts if they are deleted.

Update notice


Updated on 9/24. In order to prevent the creation of sub-accounts that can cause disputes and impersonation, we have updated the registration to 1 mobile 1 account. When registering, we have changed from phone number registration to SMS message confirmation registration. In addition, Followers+, which connects people all over the world, has added a new nationality display. By registering the country and phone number from the profile edit, the nationality will be displayed on the profile.

Twitter official account (Japanese Version)


At 22:00 on September 13th, the Japanese version of Twitter’s official account @Followers_CoLTD was suddenly frozen. We have never received a warning, and we are currently filing an objection, but we have not received a clear reply from Twitter. There are many very unclear parts, and we will suspend the operation of Twitter, which has caused users to worry. The official English account @Follower_US_Co is not frozen. In addition, the official Instagram account will continue to operate. Instagram official account Japanese version followersplus_pr  English version followers_coltd

Revision of Terms of Use


Please note that we have changed Article 3, Paragraph 5.

The Company may delete accounts that have been last accessed for more than a half year ,accounts of users who have not introduced themselves, have not entered SNS addresses, have not set icon images,  prior not notice to the customer.

Limited to Followers+ users Win an Amazon gift card every month!


[Limited to Followers+ users Win an Amazon gift card every month! The odds of winning increase depending on how often you use ① to ④! 10$ x 10 people! ]

from the 1st to the end of the month

①Review evaluation on App Store and Google Play Store (When posting a review, please use the same username as Followers+)

② The number of Rui-TOMO is increasing

③ Introduce on twitter from the menu

④ Post and like on the timeline

This campaign ends on September 30, 2022.